About Mirrorlite® Glassless Mirrors

The glassless mirror was originally developed by British Aerospace in the early 1960's to lighten the payload on aircraft. Mirrorlite Products took the mirror’s concept from its original rudimentary form and evolved it into today’s high-quality product.


Mirrorlite Products found their future in the optical field as an an O.E.M. component supplier of optical grade glassless mirrors for various manufacturers of large screen projection televisions, rear projection screens, and telescopes where a very large, perfect mirror was desired, but needed to be light weight as well as shatterproof.  Mirrorlite® glassless mirrors proved to be equal or better in performance to the "first-surface" optical glass mirrors, at a lower cost.


Ultimately the Mirrorlite® brand of glassless mirrors made their way into non-optical specialty markets including schools, hospitals, exhibits, architectural, theatrical & dance, consumer, etc where glass mirrors are impractical and potentially hazardous.


Today's Mirrorlite® glassless mirror bears little resemblance to the original product conceived and developed by British Aerospace. In performance and function, it combines superior image quality, light weight, safety, ease and economy of installation, properties unique to the Mirrorlite® mirror.

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